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    Choose your #1 Licensed Money Lender and a Loan That Best Suits You

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    Our company is one of the most favoured Money Lending companies in Tanjong Pagar Singapore.

    As a reputable licensed and legal money lender, we understand that getting a loan to cover your needs is very challenging as there are a lot of factors in the market that you need to consider. At Power Credit Enterprise, we are a trusted licensed money lender that is committed to transparency of procedure for every loan from our clients.

    We aim only the best solution to every client for their certain needs. We offer foreigner loan, personal loan, payday loan, business loan and emergency cash loans within 5 -15 minutes approval summit via Singpass Myinfo.

    FAQs On Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

    Can anyone request an instant loan from Power Credit Enterprise?

    All income levels are eligible for a loan but must be working individuals like Singaporeans, Permanent residents, and Foreigners presently working in the country.
    How much is the loanable amount?

    It could be up to 6 times your salary subject to eligibility and approval.
    Is Power Credit Enterprise a licensed moneylender?

    Yes, we are a legal and licensed fast cash loan in Singapore approved by IPTO since 2007. Our business registration no is 201528280Z and our moneylender licence no is 138/2023.
    Why choose Power Credit Enterprise?

    We provide quick and easy transactions, perfect for your urgent matters. Get Fast approval for loan Fast cash disbursement of loan Fast response time within an hour No hidden charges Receive Best Loan Quotes
    What are the types of loans?

    Whatever your emergencies are, we offer different types of loans to suit your financial needs. Whether it is Personal, Foreign, Business, and Payday, you can get started with a loan. Choose a loan type and fill up the easy form.
    I have a bad credit status, can I apply?

    Yes, we understand your emergencies and through our fast cash loan, we can help you solve your financial problems. But first, allow us to do a quick check and verification of your documents. We can customise the perfect loan packages and quotes that suit you best.
    How much are the interest rates?

    Get our low-interest rate per month starting from 1% which is dependent on your credit standing and the type of cash loan you requested for. Our personal financial specialist will explain this to you in detail.
    How do I make a payment for my cash loan?

    You can make a payment via funds transfer or cash deposit machine into our corporate bank account and let us know by calling us or sending an SMS message of the payment made. You can also enrol or arrange a GIRO payment which is more convenient for you or simply pay cash at our office.
    How do I check my loan amount, payment or balance information?

    Our loans officer will provide you with more information during your fast cash loan application. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we are great to serve you with any enquiries.
    What are the documents needed for an instant loan application?

    You can submit a loan application via Singpass Myinfo and our friendly loans consultant will help you get fast cash instantly upon application and approval.
    Once the fast cash loan is approved, how would I collect the money?

    You have an option of having it by Cheque / Bank Transfer or by Cash from our registered office.
    Can a Work Permit or S pass holder submit a loan form?

    Yes. Provide us with your work permit, certified letter of employment from your employer, your tenancy agreement and your latest payslip. These documents are subject to review by our loans consultant.
    What if I am unable to pay on the due date?

    If you cannot make a payment on time you will be subject to late repayment fees. Our Debt Management team will make an effort to communicate with you the reason for the delay and make reasonable arrangements with you to facilitate timely repayment.

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